CargoHub Connect version 2.9 Update

[amended 2016-11-24]

A new update has been in the works in the past couple of months and brings several major improvements to the communication system and not only. These are some of the new features coming in this update:
  • A redesigned e-mail system much more closely resembling commonly used Web-mail software like Gmail or Outlook 365
  • Support for multiple contacts that can be organized on To: , Cc: and Bcc:  lines and freely drag & dropped between
Multiple contacts
  • The new Bcc: line allows sending e-mails to several hidden recipients ( for example to inform other personnel without having to reveal their addresses to an external party )
  • Ability to insert, edit, reorder and remove contacts on the spot with ease, by simply double-clicking
  • Support for Copy/Pasting contacts between this e-mail system and others like Gmail or Outlook
  • In-place full e-mail edit showing the exact preview of what is going to be sent
Full preview and editing
  • A newly designed "partner search" mechanism allowing to easily select the target address for sending Claims, Incidents and other documents
  • Better integrated address book with automatic contacts creation from all recipients used and automatic search system for recipients
  • Support for adding Attachments to the messages themselves, allowing arbitrary documents to be sent with each message
  • Support for using multiple sender aliases, sending in the name of organization or department
  • Automatic data sharing within CargoHub software, based on "Target Contacts" predefined for recipient organizations ( like airlines "claims" addresses )
  • Ability to host attachments "in the cloud" to avoid large e-mails clogging up inboxes (or not arriving at all due to size)
Cloud storage for attachments
  • New template editor for defining e-mail formats that need to be sent often ( like confirmations, update requests, notifications, etc. )
  • Ability to search for variables for all templates in both body and title
  • The new template editor supports correct Copy/Paste from other text editors like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer, helping with the deployment of the system through the organization
  • Canned Messages have been moved to Templates, unifying the templates for all purposes under one module.
  • Improvements to the global output templates to show up correctly in most e-mail clients ( including web-mail software ) - Work in progress
  • Improvements to the Address Book editor, allowing the users to manage their contacts more easily
  • Several corrections and improvements in other areas of the application, making the software more stable, secure and user friendly

Thank you for using CargoHub Connect !

CargoHub Development Team